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Spleen Theatre is a theatre company formed by Gene Gillette and his wife Laura Tesman.

spleen (n.) 1 temper, spirit, passion [part of the body seen as the source of both gloomy and mirthful emotions]
2 irritability, malice, bad temper
3 eagerness, spirits, impetuosity
4 amusement, delight, merriment
5 impulse, caprice, whim
What a world of meaning in one small word. Our mission is to create theatre that is at once passionate, amusing, impulsive, spirited, eager, capricious, tempestuous... 
The spleen also happens to be that organ in the human body that filters, stores, and regenerates the blood. That vital principle - source of energy, vitality and vigor - the source of life.
Theatre is our lifeblood.
Founded in 2009 Spleen Theatre have produced 3 full productions including: Bound at The 4th Street Theatre in Manhattan, a site specific production of Anna Christie on a barge in Red Hook, New York and their most recent production A Hymn to Liberty that was performed on the ramparts of Kavala, Greece as part of The Phillippi Theatre Festival. Above you can find  documentary about the production that was produced by Sokratis Spanos for the Greek television channel Parliament.

Spleen Theatre: Welcome
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